Salesforce platform Developer 1 – Crib Sheet


Salesforce certified platform developer 1 Crib Sheet

Here is the Salesforce platform developer 1 study notes and related links document! All the best all! 

Let me know how it goes! I can update this document and maintain a good repository for the next set of developer universe to come!


12 Replies to “Salesforce platform Developer 1 – Crib Sheet”

  1. Hi Santosh,

    Thanks for sharing the cribsheet. It very well lists out almost all of the important stuff in apex. My question is this syllabus only for Platform developer 1 transition exam or for fresh Platform developer 1 certification exam? Also, the sheet doesn’t list web services, callouts, test class methods, batch apex, asynchronous apex – future, visual force, etc. So isn’t this all required for clearing the platform developer 1 exam?

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  2. Hi Santosh,

    Can you please share “Salesforce certified platform developer 1” exam dups and you ideas for this exam.
    That’s would be really helpfull for me.

    Waiting for positive reply.

    Many Thanks
    Mukesh Gupta


  3. Hi Santhosh,

    Thanks for the cribsheet. I am completely new to Salesforce and studying for platform developer 1 exam. I would like to know whether there will be any questions on webservices. Also I am little confused about the declarative rules like workflow, visual workflow, etc. Do you have some use cases or references on which tool to choose for a scenario.



  4. Hi,

    i am trying to find relevant videos or docs related to vf pages/apex etc.
    I am aware of the configuration and i m quite confident on that.but coding is my weakness!!! 😦
    could you please suggest me a way to understand coding clearly.
    Eagerly waiting for a reply.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Deepshikha

      I am huge proponent of trailheads and salesforce documentation. Pick up basic trailhead and have a target such as 5-10 per week. That should give you the basic foundation to build the APEX on it 🙂


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